Custom Power Supplies and Transformers

XZEL manufactures custom power supplies and transformers. Our POWERFITä products are designed to match your special requirements. XZEL has designed hundreds of POWERFITä products to solve special power problems for businesses just like yours. XZEL can help with your custom power supply and transformer needs.

Imagine a solution to your design problems, limited only by the laws of physics. This is what you get when you work out the design for a POWERFITä product with an XZEL engineer. Don't degrade your designs with limited solutions or "off-the-shelf" compromises.

XZEL supplies quality products at reasonable cost with the fast response and close liaison expected of a domestic source. XZEL can also offer local engineering, factory contact and quality control combined with low cost, offshore production when appropriate. XZEL's emphasis on quality and on-time delivery means trouble free production for you.